Who We Are

Our Beginning

Founded in 1987 to address the complex realities of urban poverty in Seattle’s Rainier Valley, Urban Impact was built on the principles of Christian Community Development and a unique relationship with two neighborhood churches, Emerald City Bible Fellowship and Rainier Avenue Church.  Focused on strengthening families and raising leaders, Urban Impact partnered with people in the neighborhood to address issues surrounding education, youth development, family, health, economic stability and racial reconciliation. Generational poverty has social, material and spiritual implications. Breaking it requires a holistic approach that addresses both the personal and systemic challenges of poverty.

Our Mission

Partnering with families and communities to break the cycle of social, material, and spiritual poverty.

Our Vision

All families are reconciled with God, where everyone is engaged and thriving in community.

Our Values

  • Reconciliation: We value right relationships with God made possible through Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Reconciliation with self and others is made complete through reconciliation with God where mercy, forgiveness and healing are generously given and received. We are called to a life of stewardship over all God has entrusted to us, so all may flourish. 

  • The Church: We walk alongside the local church in the development of programs, as they seek to serve their community. We actively engage in and serve in the local church. In all we do we promote the life of the church as a supportive relational community. 

  • Neighborhood Presence: We are rooted in and invested in neighborhoods we serve by engaging in relationships, listening and addressing felt needs, and building on the assets of our community. 

  • Racial Equity & Justice: We value equity for all cultures and ethnic groups, challenging dominant culture, attitudes of power and privilege, and working towards God’s design for all people. 

Our Community Development Church Hubs