I Partner with Families


This is Farm and some of her children. 

Farm, a member of Rainier Health & Fitness, is a Thai, Lao and Mien language interpreter who is a single mom of five children (four of whom are still dependents). On two difference occasions, her family has has not had a place to live. She works three jobs and has struggled to attain enough hours at work to support her family or to apply for low-income housing. She doesn’t even have a reliable car to drive herself to work. She also is a member of Rainier Avenue Church

Farm’s story shows how breaking cycles of poverty is an uphill battle that takes time and a community effort. Farm has solid relationships with her church and continues to connect with our staff at Rainier Health & Fitness. This is a powerful example of how poverty is a multi-faceted problem. Urban Impact believes that in order to break the cycle, it requires a holistic approach that addresses social, material and spiritual needs of an individual and family.

This past Christmas we asked if YOU would be able to invest in God's ministry through Urban Impact.  By God's grace, we were able to raise $67,899 reaching our end-of-year-goal. 
For Farm, she also received financial assistance both organizationally and from individual partners. She and her family are currently is in stable affordable housing and she was able to partially pay for a more reliable vehicle.
Please continue to pray for families like hers. Thank you for partnering with us!