Reflections From Harvey Drake: 2019 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast

Published on by Urban Impact.

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Over 800 community members gathered at the 2019 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast to celebrate the legacy of a man who was not only a history making activist, but a profound theologian, Reverend, and considered one of the most prophetic voices in the history of our nation. We assembled to “Reclaim the Dream” and store up encouragement to carry out his work into our communities.


Rev. Eugene Cho gave a passionate message, exhorting us to remember a full nature of the gospel, “We are so drawn to a gospel that comforts us and resistant to a gospel that disrupts. The gospel does both. And we need a gospel that does both.” Eugene pointed to the fact that Rev. Dr. King’s message was appropriately disruptive in his time, yet how it is easy to forget the costly price of his disruption. He explained that while today 95% of people will say that Dr. King deserve honor, during his time he was despised and hated by a 63% majority. We are quick to post our quotes on social media, but do we actually continue his work? "We all love justice. But do we love justice when it costs us?" Eugene Cho


Together we enjoyed song and dance. We stood as one people as prayers were given in Spanish, Amharic, and Lao to honor the immigrant heritage of our communities. We recognized our beloved, dedicated leaders with the Vision From the Mountaintop Award for their commitment to justice.

Urban Impact thanks all who attended; we are grateful to you for making the Prayer Breakfast a part of your journey into justice. Most of all, we thank you for your daily commitment to the hard work of living out justice, unity, and love in your daily context. We are inspired by this community and its dedication to the work of justice and "Reclaiming Rev. Dr. King's Dream".