From Behind Bars to Building Cars

Published on by Urban Impact.


Kaeshon and his team are participants in “Sharks At The Beach”. In this program they have access to a free college course and present their social venture at the Sharks At The Beach pitch competition. Here's a bit of his story as an emerging entrepreneur:


What is your story?

“I had been out of juvy for 3 months when I got into Community Passageways [a youth diversion program]. Since then, I’ve had 3 felony charges dropped. The neighborhood I grew up in didn’t give much opportunity beyond becoming an average joe or being a criminal. Sometimes people would shoot the next person just because they had a little more. I think if more people had the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, there would be less violence.”


What is your social venture?

“My social venture is flipping cars: buying used cars at auctions, fixing them, and selling them at an affordable price. One day I want to be able to open a used car dealership, be able to hire youth from the community and keep them out of trouble, and sell good quality cars at an affordable price to people who need them.”


What has your experience been like?

“[My experience] has been educational. I’m learning real steps to start a business. It becomes more than an idea. You learn how to outline your plan and map it out. Things you wouldn’t think about. This is a learning opportunity you wouldn’t get anywhere else. These aren’t courses you would be able to learn in high school. It’s a special opportunity.”