More than a Gym

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CrossFit program participants often begin their fitness journey with a goal to simply get physically fit. However at RHF CrossFit, Head Coach David has designed class size and structure to create a unique environment where members of this fitness community have the space to share their stories of change and transformation beyond physical fitness. The space has allowed close relationships to form, accountability and the growth of both spiritual fitness and social engagement. 

David’s friendship with South Seattle New Holly resident Monte is just one example. In November 2015, Monte began his CrossFit journey hoping to get fitter and lose some extra weight. Most people would be too tired to go to the gym after commuting 70 miles round-trip on a daily basis like Monte does. This 49-year-old member, however, felt extra motivated having just hit his two-year mark since getting diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. 

About a month into his fitness journey he finished last in a running workout feeling discouraged. Monte asked Coach David if they could meet up to talk about goal setting and nutrition. The meeting provided an opportunity to talk about much more than nutrition. During their conversation, David asked Monte if he could pray for his journey towards health and Monte agreed.  

Now, six months after that meeting , Monte has lost 30 pounds, decreased his mile time from over 19:00 minutes to less than 11:00 minutes and reported his blood pressure is at a healthy range for the first time in 15 years. Additionally, Monte has gained a supportive community of faith and friends. Having not attended church for three years, through Coach David’s encouragement, he now frequently attends Rainier Avenue Church and is building tight community of friends and support.

1 As of May 2016

By David Calderon, RHF Crossfit’s head trainer

Photo by Nancy Thai

Photo by Nancy Thai