How do you invest in community?

Published on by Urban Impact.

"Urban Impact's Wednesday evening Community Night at Rainier Avenue Church provides inspiration, free tutoring and creative projects for elementary students in our South Seattle community. For volunteers such as myself, a small investment of time produces large and lasting benefits in young lives. Many school-aged children have great learning capacity just waiting to be unlocked. Without one-on-one help, some students miss simple solutions and needlessly suffer discouragement and resignation. With just a small investment from an encouraging mentor/tutor, these children easily learn how to clear these hurdles. Hope, self-confidence and motivation are restored. Imagine the potential impact on their future lives! Many thanks to Urban Impact for providing me and other volunteers such a rewarding opportunity to serve our community."

Bruce, community and Rainier Avenue Church member, has been volunteering with community night for several months now. He's an incredible volunteer and tutor to Catalino, a Freedom Schools scholar and student who attends a local school.  1/11/14