Letter from a Rainier Health & Fitness Member

Published on by Urban Impact.

You often find a letter from the Executive Director on the first pages of a newsletter, but this month, you'll hear from gym member, Alex, of Rainier Health & Fitness, an initiative of Urban Impact to encourage healthy lifestyles, strong bodies and authentic community in the Rainier Valley.

Subject: My Heartfelt Thanks

Message: Hello to the awesome staff of Rainier Health & Fitness (RHF) - I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on January 31st of this year. My husband and I joined RHF three weeks later and since then, we both have lost a significant amount of weight and become healthier. This is thanks to you and the amazing place you have built. I have gone from being a person who never thought I would join a gym to someone who looks forward to my (almost) daily workout! I hope to be a member for life and to take advantage of more of the services you offer as I continue down this path toward a healthier me.

The environment at RHF is welcoming and relaxed. I feel completely comfortable and safe in the space you have created and I know that I have a cheering section waiting for me whenever I walk through the door. You are all so respectful of each person's story and reasons for being there. There is no intimidation. It is clear that everyone is welcome and encouraged to do their best at whatever level they are at. I just LOVE looking across the tread mills and seeing a beautiful slice of the city I live in: women in hijabs, elderly grandpas, and middle-aged moms like me making health happen for themselves. We all fit in here and that is pretty magical.

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